Repair the saddle-lock

After my coffee I took the bike to the dealer to repair the saddle-lock. I was there just in time for his round of morning-coffee . He was also working on a bike that looks the same as mine, red and brown, and is also an anniversary model (I have 11/50 and the other is 21/50). The owner and I we talked a little while my bike was fixed. Meanwhile I talked about new mirrors and he had some. Looked at them and the dealer (his name is Kees) placed them. They really look much better on the bike. Paid my bill and went home. Because of the new mirrors I decided to clean the bike with soap and water. And now he is looking great all over again. Made a short trip afterwards and drank some coffee (yes again) in Medemblik at The Kwikkel (thats near the bridge). That was very nice, sun and warm coffee, because the sun was ok but the wind was a little chilly. Now I am home writing this. have a nice day further and till tomorrow!! Bye bye