Moto Guzzi GT 2008

Last weekend Marlinde and I made a trip to Germany.
On Friday we drove to our starting point, it was raining very hard and we were wet all through. During the time we arrived at the camping it had stopped raining and we were able to put the tent dry on the campground. It took as almost 3 hours to get there.
On saturday morning we first had to break down our tent and pack it. It was a little wet, but knowing that we had to build it up again in the evening and hoping it would be dry coming night.
Around 8 am we received our stamp and we could leave. To the next campground was 550 km further and this took us a little more then 12 hours.

Zitten we op de juiste weg?

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The route was nice, very nice, but there was a moment were you had no time to look around. The speed needed to be high, or the time to get to the campground would even be longer.
In between we had a lunch stop. Its was around 3 pm when we got there. Still 250 km in front of us. For the last part we took the motor way/highway.
As told we arrived around 8.30 pm, placed our tent in a good spot and went for the barbeque. We are vegetarians, so the barbeque was salad and bread. We went to bed early; next morning was breakfast at 8 am and departure as soon as possible afterwards.
Breakfast was good and we left around 8.30 am.
This time we drove a little faster and we made less mistakes in reading the roadmap. So we arrived quit early at the lunch post. Lots of motorcyclists were already there and we had some bread, coffee and a snack and we continued the trip.
It was quiet a journey, but around 6.30 pm we arrived at the endpoint. Having seen more then 1400 km passed under our rubber, we took an icecream and talk with others about the trip.