Flash the mapping

This monday we had an appointment in Goes. That’s 250km south of our home. We went there for Wiels motorcycle. We had wonderful weather and we were there an hour before the appointment. Unfortunately after 1 hour of waiting and 2 hours of changing and testing the problem wasn’t solved because they couldn’t download the other program into the motor due to a networkproblem 🙁 we went 70km up to Hellevoetsluis, we arranged a hotelroom there. The facility was very similar to the neighborhood in New Jersey, where Wiel lived for a few months. We felt like we were in the States! We had a big room with a porch and it wasn’t that expensive either. The next morning we didn’t feel like going back to Goes again. Maybe he solved the networkproblem…and flash the motorcycle, but it was raining very hard and that would cost us more than 2 hours extra rain. So we went home and had a nice afternoon.