Another Landmark trip

Saturday 15 August and Sunday 16 August we made an additional trip for getting points.
We drive to Franeker, Friesland, for the first picture. From our house to Franeker is a fast and nice road. First highway and then secondary road were it is allowed to go 100. The first landmark for Saturday should be the Planetarium, made by Eise Eisinga, build between 1774 and 1781. It was easy to find. And we made some nice pictures very quickly.
After that we drove to Hege Beintum, also called Hogebeintum. Not that easy to find. We already past the junction and almost ended up in Holwerd. Here you can take the boat to Ameland, one of the Dutch fords islands. But finally, after checking our maps again, we made it to the landheight. Height is 8,80m and a 12 century build church can be seen on top.
There were 2 more landmarks to go.
One ’t Waarhuis, a 3 centuries old house, lately doing as a lock house, café and small farmershouse. For the moment it is used for exhibitions, concerts, diners and small-art performances. It’s location is Aduarderzijl, a fine picturesque small country-sided village, west of Winsum.
The last landmark for Saturday was the Dutch Noordkaap. The most north spot of the mainland in the Netherlands.
We had to drive Uihuizermeeden and then made a left to the coast.
The North cape on the dike of the Emmapolder at north of Uithuizermeeden is the most northern point of the mainland of the Netherlands. Since the revealing in February 2003 the place has been marked by this art work ‘De Hemelpoort’, of René de Boer, Usquert. The art work has been made of durable cortènstaal. It weighs wide 550 kilogrammes and is wide 2.5 meter high.
That evening we paced our tent on a camping near Zorgvlied, Drenthe. I know that place with lots of trees, old farmerhouses and space.
We got out early on Sunday morning and made a walking tour in the vicinty. In the meantime the tent could dry, because it was wet of the dew.
When we came back the tent was almost dry and we packed it and put everything on our motorbikes.
We started riding toward Diever to have a coffee and something to eat. We got coffee and waffle with wipecream and strawberries. It tasted good and having a good feeling over our filled stomach we continued our trip.
Grollo was the next stop. A tjasker was our goal. We did find one, standing in a peat hole, in the middle of lots of water.
As from the shield, standing nearby, these mills were use to make the peat field dry so the could continue to get the peat out.
And the last stop for this weekend was Eext. To get there wasn’t that easy. Some mistakes in the navigation made we ended up in Assen. By that it was lunchtime, so we took our chance and had a bite. A nice sandwich at an Italian restaurant.
From Assen there was a road leading us to Gieten and from there to Eext. Find a typical Hunebed, was our task. But when there are so many, which one is the right one?
In the end we asked for information at a restaurant and they pointed us directly to the right one.
Again we had a very nice weekend, searching for landmarks, riding on our motorbikes and having fun together.
Up to the next!!
Hereunder you can find some pictures.
Planetarium te Franeker Franeker, gracht rechts van Planetarium Franeker, gracht links van Planetarium What's behind a name? Hogebeintum, alias Hege Beintum Meer kerk van Hogebeintum De verklaring De complete terp  't Waarhuis Iets meer huis! De weg naar het sluisje Weer opstappen Eevn koppie doen en nog iets eten ook Uithuizermeeden - Kerk met Meister Toren Noordkaap, Uithuizermeeden De Groninger wadden Windmolens, rondom Op de camping Zonnekamp, Zorgvlied Wandeling op de zondagochtend Grollo, het einde van de wereld? De gezochte Tjasker Uitleg over de tjasker Op zoek naar de juiste; D14? Of is dit de juiste? D13, dit is de juiste En nog even onder aan de grafheuvel